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    Default Re: The Post-Kickstarter Discussion Thread: Bask in the Afterglow

    Quote Originally Posted by qmanol View Post
    So I do have just one question about shipping now that it's getting into gear. Apparently my reward package now has all component parts available, with the reprints finished and the notepads rescued from incompetent printers. And I'm stuck over here in the antipodes, and even $43 worth of shipping can't get things to me much faster than a week and a half.

    So do we get notified of shipping when it happens, is there tracking, and how long should we wait without having been told our box has shipped before bothering someone about it?
    I can't speak to your particular Antipodal situation, but as a U.S. resident, I got an email from ship.manager@ookoodook.com last Thursday saying my shipment (which included no books or signed items) had been mailed. It included a United States Postal Service Priority tracking number, and a link to their tracking site.
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