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I can't speak to your particular Antipodal situation, but as a U.S. resident, I got an email from ship.manager@ookoodook.com last Thursday saying my shipment (which included no books or signed items) had been mailed. It included a United States Postal Service Priority tracking number, and a link to their tracking site.
I can't tell you how impressed I am by this kind of Kickstarter fulfillment compared to the other Kickstarters I've funded. The five others:

1. Received, late, with no shipping notice
2. Due in January 2012, have received nothing, does not answer mail
3. Received, late, with no shipping notice
4. Have received digital rewards, but no physical rewards, which were due in January 2012
5. Due in April 2012, have received nothing, and the "pre-order" reward I selected is now available to purchase on Amazon for $6 cheaper

With that kind of track record I think we should be feeling pretty good about the progress made so far for OOTS