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    I'd actually be willing to go through every strip to track down every single "fake" appearance (with people pointing out anything I missed and any errors, natch). Though some questions for the people against counting representations:

    -Do corpses and soulless undead count? For example, if Roy's corpse is in a strip but his spirit isn't, is that still an "actual" appearance?

    -What about petrified characters? They're technically objects and not living creatures.

    -Do illusions that double as recordings count? (Giant illusory head of Shojo and Girard's fake location illusion.)

    -It wasn't clear as to whether Shojo actually appeared to Belkar or not. (I'm inclined to think that it was Belkar's subconscious projecting itself as Shojo.) Should that count as an actual appearance?

    -What about hypothetical scenarios like the archfiends' alternate plan for V or imagined scenarios like when Elan imagines Tarquin adopting Roy?
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