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    Quote Originally Posted by Andezzar View Post
    Q 36
    Can clothing be enchanted like armor? What other options are there for someone who does not want to wear armor to increase his armor bonus through items?
    S'more A36
    There's an Ioun Stone that grants a +1 AC and doesn't take up a body slot. Any number of spells and powers of course, plus just having a high Dex and anything that boosts this. Natural armor, which is distinct from armor armor, and available through everything from buying an Amulet to sinking ten levels into Dragon Disciple until you become a half-dragon. And if you're really desperate, there's the Dodge feat, and Psionic Dodge which stacks with it, and the incarnum version Midnight Dodge, and shaping a soulmeld that gives you an AC bonus (Ankheg Breastplate is one example but it does count as armor, albeit weightless; the others I can think of require essentia, so you might need to burn another feat).

    (Note that many of these are very low-op choices, so use at your own risk.)
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