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    Default Re: Warhammer 40k fluff thread VI: They see me Ward'en, they haten

    Quote Originally Posted by The Glyphstone View Post
    1) You need to read up on the Raven Guard. Like, anything at all about them. There is an extremely good reason why no one else has tried to make Super-Marines since Corax did.

    2) So...your arguement that 'it's magic' relies on the fact that a publicly editable, fan-made wiki doesn't mention something from a single novel?
    1)This is 40K we're talking about. Between servants of "Let the Galaxy Burn!" chaos and fanatic loyalists that blow up their own planets out of petty grudges, someone somewhere would definetely want to try it again in 10.000 years.

    2)Yes, I trust the wiki, codexes, majority of fans and games more that I trust a single obscure author. If he actually wrote that. Cheesegear himself was saying the Lexicanum was completely trustworthy a few minutes ago.

    How convenient, the Lexicanum being only a valid source when it's convenient for you right?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesegear View Post
    "It doesn't say that it's not magic, so it is."
    Perfect argument. Here, I found a scarecrow. It's full of straw.
    Hiding behind cheap philosophy does not an argument make. You still didn't show anything that proves it is science, and have run out of reasons (even made up ones), therefore yes it is magic because it's the only reason that can explain the existence of limited-edition primarchs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesegear View Post
    Show me why you believe the Emperor would use Sorcery? Where has he ever done this? Where is the precedent?
    1-He just happens to be the fused souls of every human shaman/mage/sorceror/psychic prior to a certain era.
    2-Grey Knights, a full chapter of sorcerors brewed by the emperor himself just before he decided Horus would be open to peaceful dialogue after butchering three legions of his own bros.
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