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2)Yes, I trust the wiki, codexes, majority of fans and games more that I trust a single obscure author. If he actually wrote that. Cheesegear himself was saying the Lexicanum was completely trustworthy a few minutes ago.
He said it was a good source. These two statements are not mutually exclusive.

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Hiding behind cheap philosophy does not an argument make. You still didn't show anything that proves it is science, and have run out of reasons (even made up ones), therefore yes it is magic because it's the only reason that can explain the existence of limited-edition primarchs.
Okay, explain the Maus, Big Ben, Channel Tunnel, LHC, and a dozen other things that I can't think of. Just because science can make more, doesn't mean it will.

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1-He just happens to be the fused souls of every human shaman/mage/sorceror/psychic prior to a certain era.
2-Grey Knights, a full chapter of sorcerors brewed by the emperor himself just before he decided Horus would be open to peaceful dialogue after butchering three legions of his own bros.
1: More or less Defunct lore.
2: Buh? Even just going by Lexicanum the Emperor asked his best buddy Malcador to set the Grey Knights up for him from the best psyker recruits in the Loyalist legions. Sorcery, please.