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    Default Re: Warhammer 40k fluff thread VI: They see me Ward'en, they haten

    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle_Hunter View Post
    @Cheesegear -- I thought Nurgle's "good side" was Life. Y'know, like Tzeentch is "Hope"
    I really don't think they have 'good sides' anymore. I know what you mean. That stuff is from Liber Chaotica, or maybe Realms of Chaos, which are books that aren't printed anymore and aren't mentioned anywhere in current canon that I know of. Khorne isn't 'honourable' at all. A skull is a skull. As long as you don't do it through Sorcery, he'll take it. And even then, there are some Sorcerers dedicated to Khorne.
    (inb4 World Eaters nonsense. Sorcerers aren't in the World Eaters Legion, they're everywhere else)

    However, Nurgle is the 'nice one'. Papa Nurgle. He loves you.

    The best way I have heard it explained is thus;

    You ask a Chaos God for help;
    Khorne says; "Only if you do [this]."
    Tzeentch says; "Maybe."
    Slaanesh says; "Why should I?"
    Nurgle smiles and says; "Sure."

    ...Nurgle being the one who puts you through the most Hell.
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