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    Default Re: [Nexus] NO XIII: Do Clockwork Penguins Dream of Mechanical Fish?

    [Dena's Room]

    Diamond earnings? Oh geez.
    The dwarf chuckles. "Just like the stories."

    Dena seem more amazed thought even thought it's clear she know why Kirk would give them to her. "Are those real? Kirk, I know you like to pay me back, but you should get those exchanged. I can't accept those since they must have been extremely expensive and I know I wouldn't be able to use them. Thanks though, I really appreciate it." She ensures him with an look in his eyes.

    Lage just shakes his head at the situation, staring back at the screen for a moment while the drow talk.

    [Main Room]

    "I see, so whose the leader around here then? The one that hired you I mean." Cessie asks curiously. "You remind me of the spirits we have back home, just more social."
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