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Ordo, while he has some telepathic powers, isn't the type to go poking around in another person's mind. "Oh. You want a job? We're still a lot easier to join than the other orgs. Just sign this," Ordo offers him a brief form, with plenty of space for elaboration. "I think you'll be on probation awhile, but it shouldn't matter much."
[Main Room]

Jit takes the form and quickly fills it out before handing it back.
Name: Jit Falnon
Race: Human (basically)
Profession: Mercenary (originally trained in assassination, but fully capable in other roles)
Reason for joining: Need something to do.
Possible services offered to would-be employers: Experience commanding small groups of men, stealth expertise, variety of technology, a degree of psychic powers (mostly relating to rudimentary telepathy)

Anything else?