Having been inspired to do a Night Lords army, mostly by the recent series of books I had a few lore questions about the Heresy era time line, and events. If some one could fill in/and/or correct me it would be appreciated?

1- Konrad Cruze the Primarch says something disturbing to Fulgrim, who runs off and tells Dorn? Dorn calls out Konrad for his behavior and gets Mauled? (this was word of mouth, was trying to find a source, did Cruze physically assault Dorn?)

2- Cruze returns to Nostromo to purge it (realizing recruiting gangers and murders into the legion poisoned it). He did this after the fall out with Dorn, but for some reason was suspected to be sane enough to hep put down Horus's rebellion, thus taking part in the drop site massacre?

3- During the Drop site massacre he fights Corax forcing him to flee?

4- Following the Dropsite massacre spends 2+ years in a hit and run war with the Dark Angels, preventing them from re-joining the loyalists. Culminating in a wonderful primarch on primarch knock down brawl where he almost kills the Lion?

5- At some point rejoins the rest of the Traitors in the final attack on Terra, defeat ensues. Rather then flee to the Eye of Terror, his legion makes it way back to the far eastern fringe for a century + of terror caimpaign. Finally he allows a imperial assassin to kill him for vindication of his philosophy.

6- The VIII then begins to fragment into conflicting warbands as there was no heir (Sevatar being dead) to hold them together. Eventually the XIII and all its successor chapters drive them from their new adopted home world finally fragmenting them into different groups?