This is a huge lot of someone with comparitively little knowledge on the lore answering and asking.

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First you have to decide what he looks like. Even official artwork varies wildly on his appearance, let alone fan depictions.
I was thinking of this one:

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Which doesn't exist anymore.
The Star Child is a weapon of the C'Tan (Star Gods, hint, hint), the greatest weapon against Chaos that the galaxy has ever known.

Since the Star Gods no longer exist, the fluff surrounding the Star Child is likewise retconned out of existence.
Is there anywhere I can find out about this star child theory? I keep finding mentions of it but no actual explanation.
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'Sort of', being the operative phrase. What Thorians are actually trying to do is find a super-saint. Kind of like a Champion of the Emperor in opposition to Abbadon. One such a person - they believe - was Sebastian Thor, hence the name.

Only crazy people actually want to kill the Emperor. Since killing the Emperor is unthinkable to pretty much everyone alive. Whether the theory is solid or not. Because - you guessed it - the Star Child is no longer canon.
Would it be killing the emperor if the star child theory is true, turning off the machine? I doubt the theorists believe it is.
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1) You need to read up on the Raven Guard. Like, anything at all about them. There is an extremely good reason why no one else has tried to make Super-Marines since Corax did.
Where can I find super-marines? Are they somewhere between Primarchs and Terminators?

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@ Maglag:

Grey Knights aren't sorcerers, they're psykers. Big difference.

A psyker can be pure, a sorcerer actively uses corrupt Warp energies.
So, all sorcerers are psykers, all psykers are psychics? But not all psychics are psykers or sorcerers?
I think Psykers are just psychics with training in the art of blowing stuff up.

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There wasn't. They're all different because the Emperor wanted them different. Dorn the Champion, Guilliman the Tactician, Horus the Statesman, Lorgar the Speaker, Magnus the Scholar, etc. The Emperor wanted them that way so that they all wouldn't follow the same tactics and become stale and that they would be able to bounce ideas off of each other.
I though they were different because in 40K, nurture trumps nature?

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I have a vague recollection of the Emperor, or someone else talking, about his origin and it being the shaman one. Can someone with access to the 5th ed BRB have a look at the timeline?
I believe the latest one was he was formed in the 3rd millenium out of the combination of all of some kind of special psychics souls merged together through mass cyanide tablets. If this is true, the emperor can't be ST. George

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There are other histories stated in the HH books, I was just quoting the most recent one that was stuck in my head. I don't believe the shaman version is mentioned, though. Especially not by Him personally. Could be he's just one stylishly immortal human. Or maybe he's none of the above and just cashing in on the rep. (Hella unlikely)
I think the Shaman version is canon Right Now.

Also, to add a bit on, what is it in Chainswords that makes the blade spin? Since I don't think it says anywhere.