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    Ilpholin's Office

    "Not exactly," Orrey explains, leaning forward and propping himself up on both hands this time. "Bigger, maybe? Tougher? I dunno. You look like you belong in a BDSM club, not his pit." The brute reaches out to take his form.

    With remarkably good penmanship, he writes his credentials.

    Name: Orrey Lauhter

    Age: 28

    Sex: Yes, please

    Species: Human

    Profession: Mechanic, drug dealer

    Reason for joining AMEN: A bigger crew? Backup, maybe? What criminal wouldn't join this place? You just sit on a volcano and everyone ignores you.

    Special skills/items you believe will aid/have decided to contribute to AMEN:

    Drugs for sale. Physical enhancements. Illegal augments.

    I'm not bad in a scrap either. Good at leading stupid people.

    References (Victims preferred): You want me to introduce you to the people I rip off? I don't know their names.

    Past Experience: With AMEN? Little. Hung out with Zefir a couple times.

    Other Information: N/A
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