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    Default The Combatant and Templar [Multi-class and Paladin replacements] (3.5)(Peach)

    Warriors come in all shapes and varieties, and they typically have one combat style they favor over others, but they never form a truely destinct group. These warriors are the Combatants. They dont cuddle the wild like a ranger or druid, they dont embrace the power of faith like a templar or a paladin. They fight, because its what they know and like to do.

    Notes: Replacement for the Fighter, Rogue, Barbarian, Monk, and Knight. Takes a few ques from the Ranger


    Gameplay information:
    Alignment: Any, although numerous class features favor certain alignments.
    Attributes: A Combatant benefits from Strength, which increases their melee damage and accuracy, Dexterity, which increases their ranged accuracy, armor, and reflex saves, and initiative, Constitution which increases the duration of their combat stances and their health, Intelligence and Wisdom benefit them for feat prerequisites.
    Hit Die: 1d12
    Starting Age: As Fighter
    Starting Gold: As Fighter


    1st|+1|+2|+1|+1|Law or Chaos, Combat Reflexes

    2nd|+2|+3|+1|+1|Honor or Deciet, Combat Style

    3rd|+3|+3|+2|+2|Bonus Feat

    4th|+4|+4|+2|+2|Field Medicine 2d8, Diehard, Phylanx or Freelance

    5th|+5|+4|+3|+3|Honor or Deciet

    6th|+6/+1|+5|+3|+3|Combat Style, Bonus Feat

    7th|+7/+2|+5|+3|+3|Law or Chaos

    8th|+8/+3|+6|+4|+4|Field Medicine 4d8, Honor or Deciet

    9th|+9/+4|+6|+4|+4|Bonus Feat

    10th|+10/+5|+7|+5|+5|Combat Style

    11th|+11/+6/+1|+7|+5|+5|Honor or Deciet

    12th|+12/+7/+2|+8|+6|+6|Field Medicine 6d8, Bonus Feat

    13th|+13/+8/+3|+8|+6|+6|Law or Chaos

    14th|+14/+9/+4|+9|+6|+6|Honor or Deciet, Combat Style

    15th|+15/+10/+5|+9|+7|+7|Bonus Feat

    16th|+16/+11/+6/+1|+10|+7|+7|Field Medicine 8d8, Improved Phalanx or Freelance


    18th|+18/+13/+8/+3|+11|+8|+8|Legion or Slayer, Combat Style, Bonus Feat

    19th|+19/+14/+9/+4|+11|+8|+8|Law or Chaos

    20th|+20/+15/+10/+5|+12|+9|+9|Field Medicine 10d8


    Class Skills: All except Autohypnosis, Iaijutsu Focus, Lucid Dreaming, Psicraft, Spellcraft, Use Magical Device and Use Psionic Device.
    Skill Points at 1st Level: (6 + Int modifier) × 4
    Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 6 + Int modifier

    Class Features:

    Weapons and Armor Proficiencies: A combatant is proficient with all Simple and Martial weapons, and 2 exotic weapons of their choice. The Combatant is also proficient with all armors and shields (including Tower Shields).

    Law or Chaos: When the combatant engages in combat, they take the stance of a well trained sentinel, or let loose with the wild fury of a berzerker. This stance they take on may at first be used once per day, and they gain additional uses of the stance every 6 levels afterwards.

    Lawful combatants enter a Defensive stance, When he adopts a defensive stance, a combatant gains phenomenal strength and durability, but he cannot move more then 10 feet in a round. He gains +2 to Strength, +4 to Constitution, a +2 resistance bonus on all saves, and a +4 dodge bonus to AC. The increase in Constitution increases the combatant’s hit points by 2 points per level, but these hit points go away at the end of the defensive stance when the Constitution score drops back 4 points. These extra hit points are not lost first the way temporary hit points are. While in a defensive stance, a combatant cannot use skills or abilities that would require him to shift his position. A defensive stance lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the character’s (newly improved) Constitution modifier. A combatant may end his defensive stance voluntarily prior to this limit. At the end of the defensive stance, the combatant is winded and takes a –2 penalty to Strength for the duration of that encounter. A combatant can only use his defensive stance a certain number of times per day as determined by his level. Using the defensive stance takes no time itself, but a combatant can only do so during his action.

    At 12th level, the bonuses from defensive stance increase by 2 each.

    Chaotic Combatants enter a Rage, as the Barbarian ability.

    At 13th level, the combatant's rage gains the effects of Greater Rage.
    At 19th level, the combatant's rage gains the effects of Mighty Rage.

    A neutral Combatant must choose which stance they use, and they can not change that decision.

    Combat Reflexes: The combatant gains the feat combat reflexes, as a bonus feat, even if they do not meet the prerequisites.

    Honor or Deceit: Combatants fight with honor or subtlety. You must choose either Honor or Deceit, and can not change which you choose. A combatant chooses whether they fight with honor or with Deceit at second level. This ability is gained again at levels 5, 8, 11, and 14.

    Combatants who choose honor gain the Knight's Challenge Ability a number of times a day equal to 3+ the combatants charisma modifier. Each time afterwards, you gain 2 additional uses of your Knight's challenge, and you are treated as having a +1 inherent bonus to the DCs of your Knight's challenge.

    Combatants who choose deceit gain +2d6 sneak attack damage and +1 attack bonus on sneak attacks for each instance of this ability they have.

    Combat Style: The Combatant fights in a way that they most connect with. The Combatant chooses a combat style*, and gains the benefit of feats benefiting that combat style even if they do not meet the prerequisites for those feats.

    Dual Wield: Two Weapon Fighting, Improved TWF, GTWF, Two Weapon Rend, Sweeping Strikes

    Archery: Point Blank Shot and Rapid Shot, Manyshot, Improved Precise Shot, Far Shot, Swarm of Arrows

    Unarmed Combat: Unarmed Strikes and Improved Unarmed Strike, Unarmed Strikes and Flurry of Blows, Unarmed strikes, Unarmed Strikes, unarmed Strikes

    Two Handed Fighting: Power attack, Cleave, Sweeping Strikes, Pounce, Great Cleave.

    Shield and Sword: Improved Shield bash, Power attack, Bulwark of Defense (Knight ability), Shield Expert, Shield Sling and Shield Charge

    Notes: *: Combat styles open to addition and editing.

    Bonus Feats: At third level, and every third level afterwards, a Combatant gains a bonus feat from the Fighter Bonus Feat list, so long as they qualify for the feat. A combatant is treated as a Fighter of his level for the prerequisite of feats.

    Field Medicine: At fourth level, a combatant knows enough about injury to patch up wounds. They may, as an action that takes 2 full rounds, heal an ally for 2d8+Heal skill rank+repair skill rank points of damage. The amount of damage healed increases by 2d8 at every 4th level afterwards.
    If a creature who has had the Field medicine ability used on them does not receive magical healing or surgery* in one weeks time, they take 2 permanant and irreversible damage to their constitution score. This damage increases by 1 for every 10 points of damage healed.

    *Surgery in order to prevent a creature from receiving permanent constitution damage requires a Heal check of DC 10+Total health restored by Field Medicine to be succeeded on 3 separate rolls. If any one of these rolls fails, the target of surgery receives damage equal to half the damage healed in the initial Field Medicine usage.

    Diehard: The combatant gains diehard, as a bonus feat, even if they do not meet the prerequisites.

    Phalanx or Freelance: at 4th level, Phalanx combatants gain the benefits of the Mettle ability, while Freelance combatants gain the benefits of the Evasion ability.

    Improved Phalanx or Freelance: at 16th level, a combatant's choice of Mettle or evasion is replaced with improved mettle or improved evasion respectively.

    Legion or Slayer: By the time the Combatant is 18th level, they are legendary for their abilities.

    Legionnaire Combatants are unstoppable warriors. They live, breath, and eat war. Defensive stance and Rage no longer fatigue the combatant, and have no maximum number of rounds. When in Defensive stance, the combatant may move upto their movement speed without canceling the stance.

    Slayer combatants derise magic. Spells bounce harmlessly off of them without issue. The combatant gains spell resistance equal to 12+their combatant levels. Spellcasters always provoke attacks of opportunity against the combatant when they cast spells, and they must take 1 on their concentration check roll when struck by the combatant.
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