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I'm looking for a homebrew bass class that's kindda like, well "shadow made real".
(quoted due to lack of a number)

This might be too powerful. I didn't spend a lot of time computing balance.

The Shadowcrafter

When a human is born with a touch of draconic blood, sometimes the result is a sorcerer. When that blood is from a Shadow Dragon, the result can be a little different: a shadowcrafter. The arcane energy is turned in a way that isn't exactly spellcasting, but instead links closely to the plane of shadow.

{table=head]Level|BAB|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Shadow Points|Evocation Reality|Conjuration Reality|Max Spell level
1st|0|0|0|2|Shadow Conjuration, Shadow Tool|5|-|0|0
3rd|1|1|1|3|Shadow Evocation|9|0|10|1
4th|2|1|1|4|Hide in Plain Sight|11|5|15|1
6th|3|2|2|5|Shadow Magical Weapon +1|15|15|25|2
8th|4|2|2|6|Shadow Jaunt|19|25|35|3
10th|5|3|3|7|Summon Shadow|23|35|45|4
12th|6|4|4|8|Shadow Stride|27|45|55|5
14th|7|4|4|9|Shadow Magical Weapon +2 (adjustable)|31|55|65|6
16th|8|5|5|10|Shadow Blink|35|65|75|7
18th|9|6|6|11|Summon Greater Shadow|39|75|85|8
20th|10|6|6|12|Shadow Creature|43|85|95|9[/table]
Hit die: d4
Skills: 2+int
Class skills: Craft (any), Hide, Knowledge(arcana), Knowledge(the planes), Move Silently
Proficiencies: simple weapons and light armor

Shadow Points: A shadowcrafter's ability to shape shadow is finite. Each usage costs shadow points. These points are restored with 8 hours of rest (like a sorcerer's spell slots).

Shadow Conjuration(su): A shadowcrafter can imitate any conjuration from the sor/wiz list up to the "max spell level" for his class level. The reality (see the shadow conjuration spell description) is given in the "conjuration reality" column. The save dc is 10 + imitated spell's level + cha mod. The point cost is the level of the imitated spell.

Shadow Tool(su): A shadowcrafter may form from raw shadow a single non-magical object small enough to lift with one hand. He must make a craft check or the object will be non-functional. The object remains so long as he concentrates on it. This ability costs 1 shadow point.

Darkness(su): A shadowcrafter may use the spell darkness for 2 shadow points.

Shadow Evocation(su): Like shadow conjuration, but for evocations and using the "evocation reality" column. Shadow Evocation cannot be used to create light.

Hide in Plain Sight(su): As shadowdancer

Shadow Magical Weapon +1(su): When a shadowcrafter uses the Shadow Tool power to create a masterwork weapon, he may spend an additional shadow point to make it a +1 weapon.

Shadow Jaunt(su): A shadowcrafter can teleport from a natural shadow to another natural shadow within 50 ft for 2 shadow points as a standard action.

Summon Shadow(su): A shadowcrafter can summon a shadow (the monster) as if by a Summon Nature's Ally spell for 3 shadow points.

Shadow Stride(su): Like Shadow Jaunt, but a move action

Shadow Magical Weapon +2 (adjustable)(su): When using Shadow Magical Weapon, a shadowcrafter may spent one more shadow point to either make a +2 weapon or add an enchantment with a +1 cost (e.g. shocking).

Shadow Blink(su): Like Shadow Jaunt, but a swift action

Summon Greater Shadow(su): Like Summon Shadow, but a Greater Shadow and costs 9 shadow points

Shadow Creature(su): A shadowcrafter at the peek of his art becomes a creature of shadow. He is treated as having the [shadow] subtype when it is beneficial to him. He also may planeshift himself and up to 5 allies to or from the plane of shadow for 1 shadow point.