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Also, I know I already said that in the Official forum but I'm I the only one really surprised about Lenny being neutral? I dont think anyone is surprised by Angelika and Rocky but I was sure Lenny was a good guy, what did he ever do that would make him neutral?
Considering his background of being a mercenary...
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"Lenny worked as a mercenary, travelling wherever and doing whatever in order to make a GP and to satisfy his wanderlust."
... I always kinda worked under the assumption that he was at least Neutral with maybe some Chaotic if not Good or pure Neutral. But that is just my opinion on that sentence.
He also doesn't really go out of his way to right wrongs or save people besides his friends, so just from that he doesn't seem exceptionally good to me.
Being neutral is just that, somewhere inbetween the other four possible components of alignments and pending on the other half of your possible alignment putting you closer or further away.

I would prefer at least using Magic Missile as well over giving a melee-er flight, but between the two I think Lenny with his better chance of bypassing DR (Power Attack, Higher BaB, Str, Greatsword, etc) would have a better chance then Rocky trying to Sneak Attack.

Problem about fighting Area of Effect-using monsters is if you divide enough they have to try and concentrate on certain targets more, along with the healer having to travel further just to heal a fallen comrade.