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Again, it's something I've been consciously working towards in a lot of ways. But it's still a bit of an end boss challenge.

I divide days into "Experimentation" and "Application" days. The experimentation days all add up when it comes time for an Application.
Makes sense.

I feel like the majority of this is nonsense. The process of typing up a post to explain what you learned each day forces you to reflect on what you've just done.
I know from experience that I'd learn how to reformat thoughts into words you understand, but I assure you a daily thread would be more about my in articulate English skill than the art. Almost.

Let you in on a secret though. Tomorrow, I'd I can get my arse up, I'm finding my old tablet, and skimming Thanqolthread 1 for tutorials and advice. Because diving in is worth a shot.

I'm probably going to hate you so bad.

Day 373: With Poise; With Anger

A basic exercise - a bunch of characters of differing heights at alternately foreground/background positions. I feel like it was a significant success.

This has been a great experiment and a great week for learning. I wouldn't want to continue it much further without a break, but even though the majority of these pictures have been extremely sketchy and not great to look at they're going to help me a lot when it comes time for Application later.


Time: 35 Minutes
Music: Nightfall
Marked improvement! Gent on the far right has no support though.

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Yeah, there are days - like today - when I'd almost prefer not to do a picture at all instead of the barely cogent rubbish I can produce with the time and brainpower reserves available.

But if I do a bad picture, the guilt of it will make me spend the entire next day thinking about what I can do to be better. And that's super motivation to do better. If you have to keep moving no matter what the mind starts to focus on how to do well rather than if it wants to do it at all. It's a great psychological trick.

Good luck, though, whatever you decide to do
*jots down*

Yeah, I've been making do primarily by looking at people who don't wear much clothing as part of their profession; martial artists, athletes, surfers, wrestlers, that kinda thing. I could model off drawings but we all know why that's sub-optimal.[/quote]

Yoga, Pilates and Alternate Spirituality magazines. Magazines are a good source, as are catalogues. Just try not to feel dirty, sketching women in lingerie

Day 374: Goldfish'd

Not good at all but I completely failed my time management for the day. Feeling the pressure right now, but I should be out of the worst of it by the end of the week. Maybe something more later if I finish this essay in time.


Time: 15 minutes
Music: Men In Black
Interesting. I finally get what you're doing with those panels. It's not quite what I would have thought; very organic looking.