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    Quote Originally Posted by SiuiS View Post
    I know from experience that I'd learn how to reformat thoughts into words you understand, but I assure you a daily thread would be more about my in articulate English skill than the art. Almost.

    Let you in on a secret though. Tomorrow, I'd I can get my arse up, I'm finding my old tablet, and skimming Thanqolthread 1 for tutorials and advice. Because diving in is worth a shot.

    I'm probably going to hate you so bad.
    You are. But then there are those days - like today - where the picture I draw is the highlight of the entire day.

    Marked improvement! Gent on the far right has no support though.
    Reference image had him leaning on his spear which I chose not to sketch in.

    Yoga, Pilates and Alternate Spirituality magazines. Magazines are a good source, as are catalogues. Just try not to feel dirty, sketching women in lingerie
    Will do.

    Interesting. I finally get what you're doing with those panels. It's not quite what I would have thought; very organic looking.
    All part of dem tutorials.

    Day 375: Grapes Of Mild Bemusement

    For Story Time. I'm a man of my worrrrrrrd.

    In some ways I resent painting because of how fun it is, making everything else seem like work in comparison.

    A touch clumsy, but I cut myself off before precision work to keep big picture focus.


    Time: 1 hour
    Music: The Walk
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