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    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Eucalyptus Dryad

    Age: 16, fully mature, ageless.

    Profession: N/A

    Description: Aeia has very light, almost white, skin that looks somewhat like it's made of wood. Her hair is made up of a mass of eucalyptus leaves that reach just a bit past her shoulders. Her eyes are a dark green and her ears are quite long and pointed. Aeia is very skinny and has small breasts and fairly narrow hips. She wears a tanktop and short shorts, leaving a lot of skin showing overall.

    By Myself:

    Personality: Aeia is the type of person to not content herself with the same old thing from day to day. She's always seeking new experiences and new places to see. It makes her a bit flighty, as she's not one to tie herself down. She's quite impatient and needs to keep herself entertained.

    • A small silver-wood ring with a smooth oval ruby in the center. In the middle of it is a small swirling cloud of light, almost exactly like a nebula. Marks her engagement to Justinian.
    • A copper flame symbol hanging from a chain around her neck. Given to her by Justinian before he had to leave her.
    • A fur lined cloak.



    Abilities: She has a few abilities granted by her heritage. She can manipulate plants in many ways. She can speak to plants. She can also enter a tree and emerge from another, even over great distances, as long as she's touched the tree before.

    Backstory: Aeia spent most of her life near her tree which was thankfully located near a small town. She was able to entertain herself with the various people that would pass by, but she always wished she could roam further than she was capable of.

    One day a wizard took an interest in her tree. It was one of few livewood trees, meaning it would live despite being cut down. So the tree was taken and Aeia right along with it. He had intentions of experimenting on her and he actually crafted her tree into a sapient construct, Bark. They managed to escape after messing with some magic scrolls and being transported into the Nexus.

    Miscellaneous: She has to remain within a moderately large distance of Bark or she will become sick and die after a few hours. Taking a small piece of him allows her to be away from him for a while, though not for an extended period of time.
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