Maritta shuffles up the stairs, her head down, her arms at her side. The women behind her do the same. They take on that cowed, skittish look as they near the top of the stairs. They don't pause and shuffle steadily towards their destination, not looking up and keeping their eyes on their feet and the immediate path ahead.

The others behind them notice that this hallway is furnished with great care, creating an atmosphere of comfort and luxury. A plush purple carpet blankets the floor, and many tapestries of rich red and golden colors decorate the walls. Each of the several doors is made of dark-grained vallenwood and has golden rivets, hinges and latches.

Upon closer examination, however, the luxury begins to wear thin. Great, dark stains blot the carpet in many places and a wide muddy trail mars the center of the floor. Some of the tapestries, depicting pastoral woodland scenes, have been defaced - charcoal has been used to add a beard and mustache to an elven princess, and long slashes ruin a scene of elves and dwarves in council.

For Tygerlilly it's a true test of her ability to remain right where she is, riding on Gneiss' shoulders, she shifts her feet, anxiously looking around as Gneiss climbs the stairs. She longs to flip her hood back, to stare, to run rampant across the floor, to inspect those hinges, the tapestries. Oh, how much she wants to go, this is her private version of abyss, she didn't know what she was getting into. ARGH!

They turn the corner and away from 3 other doorways, Maritta ignores the two hobgoblin guards and opens a door, she beckons for the others to enter ahead of her. She's surreptitiously watching the two guards for a reaction, but all they do is stare at the group and spit on the ground. They're not the slaves here...

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