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    Mimi Bloodfang

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Pixie

    Age: 18

    Profession: Hunter

    Description: Mimi is only five inches tall. Her body is very thin. She’s not just skinny, but her bone structure is more narrow. It gives her a bit of a willowy stature. She’s fairly well muscled with slightly defined, wiry muscles. She's has slight curves, tiny waist line, narrow hips, and rather small breasts. Her very large wings look much like a luna moth’s.

    Her hair is wavy and a dark brown. It goes down to halfway down her neck and seems to be in constant disarray. Peeking out from just below her hairline are a pair of feather shaped antenna. Mimi's skin is light, but somewhat tanned from being outdoors frequently. Her ears are pointed. Her eyes are brown and they're bigger than a normal person's, and her eyebrows are narrow. Her cheekbones are moderately prominent and her chin is on the pointier side. She has a button nose and somewhat thin lips.

    Her clothing is often short, backless dresses. She’s not particularly concerned with modesty, though she generally wears clothes because she thinks they looks good and are interesting. She likes bright colours and her clothing normally allows for mobility.


    Mimi by Cut-box

    Personality: Mimi is a very simple individual. She doesn't like things to be complex and has a very direct approach to problem solving. She's strong willed and very reluctant to show any signs of weakness, even when faced with challenges that she is in no way prepared to handle. She's fearless when it comes to many things, except perhaps when it comes to dealing with the more complex emotions. She's far more prone to the more simplistic emotions, however, especially anger is seems. It's hard to keep her down for long; She'll always get back up no matter what kind of hardship she faces. She may not be educated, but she's a quick learner and quite clever. She has a hard time being still, or being inactive in general.

    • A gilded torc worn around her neck.

    • A spear gifted to her from the goddess of the Hunting Grounds. The haft is made of bone, with a gray flesh wrap holding the head in place, the head itself being made from a red gem taken from a gemhide sliver. The gem acts as a personal sliver hivestone. It will grant her the abilities of nearby slivers.
    • A pair of golden rings that, when worn, transform her so she stands at the height of a human.


    Abilities: Mimi can produce a fine powder commonly known as pixie dust. It's applications are too numerous to count, but it can be summed up in that it manipulates what it's applied to for a limited time. These effects are always temporary and be quite significant. That said, she can't change one item entirely into another or do other effects are the too drastic.

    Backstory: Mimi was born and raised as a part of the Bloodfang pixie tribe located in the Weald, near its edge. They are largely hunter gatherers and are not very civilized. They are, however, a tight knit community for the most part. Mimi is the daughter of the current Chieftess, Samantha. This has afforded her some respect, but she's earned it through her reputation as a talented hunter and fierce combatant.

    Miscellaneous: Mimi has an enhancement in the form of a colony in her her bones past the elbow in her right arm that controls tiny nanomachines in her blood stream. They speed up her healing and slow aging. Bones mend in a week and a half to two weeks, while shattered bones take three to four weeks to heal. Wounds heal in less time than that, with the exact time varying with the severity of the wound. Limbs will regenerate as well, but it takes months for even the smallest.
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