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    Mathias Fellblade

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Male

    Race: Angel (Fallen)

    Age: Many millenia

    Profession: Ex-Angel of Vengeance, currently seeking redemption

    Description: He has long, white hair and his face, once golden and wondrous to behold, is now ashen and pale, as if he spent the last century devoid of sunlight.

    His once resplendant armour is now black and grey, his angelic wings tattered and all but incapable of flight. His sword is long and serrated.

    Picture coming soon.


    As a former Angel of Vengeance, Mathias is quick to anger and often the first to enter a fight. However, he has a strong sense of duty and a burning desire to rid Nexus of evil in all its forms.

    Mathias is (or was) regarded by other angels as "strangely human"; prone to emotion-spurred acts seen as outrageous by other angels. In fact, it was these "human" emotions that led to his downfall.

    Mathias was once a powerful angel who hunted evil across Nexus and brought them to the Gods' court for judgement. One particularly sinister hunt, however, would lead to his downfall.

    His target was a cruel lord of Acro, who ruled with a iron fist. What exact horrors lay within the lord's halls, none can say for certain, but they were so great that the great angel chose to forgo the court and instead impose his own judgement.

    Casting the tyrant into the depths of Hell, Mathias turned to slaughter the king's followers down to the last man. It was then the Gods took notice of the wayward angel and cast him down, sentencing him to wander the same world that he had been sworn to protect.

    Stripped of his holy powers, left with no companions but his tattered wings, sword, and combat prowess, Mathias fights for his salvation, his objective one that can never be truly completed: to forever rid Nexus of evil.

    Still, it is an objective Mathias believes can be completed. He clings to the faint, desperate hope that he can truly eliminate evil from the world so that he can reclaim his position as the Gods' Right Hand.

    Hopefully I didn't make him too overpowered? Let me know if he needs to be nerfed
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