Well, this has been still long enough. Also, I'm falling behind again, so I need to get back to posting.

One nightmare after another

We said our goodbyes to Kronc. He seems quite content to stay in that town rendering zombies to paste. Well, more power to him. Every one he stills is less problem for everyone else.

Nothing of note happened during the day, but...I had a dream. The fiend-dragon I made my pact with was shouting at me for opposing his plans.

The one making the plans was Asmodeus. He noticed. He's angry with me. A problem I knew I would have to confront...

Fine. Given what a clusterluck I've walked into, I really should have written a will earlier. In regards to how most adventurers get their gear, my possestions are fair game to anyone that can find and use them. The only thing that matters to me is the power. I intend that my children have it, but if I die first, it'll stay with me, and I'll fight the devils with it. We'll see who owns who, in the end.

Well. It sounds good, at least. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, Neeska is gone. She decided that while a cursed warlock is fine, a possessed, floating warlock is too much.

But 'luckily' there was someone in our car. Another 'fellow'. Where are these people coming from...and how many portals are springing up? Honestly, I suppose I should just be glad none seem to lead to the planes of water or earth.

So, Kol has joined us. Not that there's much choice. He wants to go home, too. And, yet another 'K' name. I didn't think it was that common...

As we went, we passed a city. It won't be there much longer. There was another huge beast attacking it. Made of worms, and tall as the buildings.

I really don't think I'm qualified for this. Need to get it over with and get back to my own realm...