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    Mialee Silverleaf/Markus Goldsmith

    Alias: Mia, Mark
    Gender: Boy, trapped in a female body (see backstory)
    Race/Species: Human/Elf/Eidolon (It's all very confusing)
    Age: ???
    Alignment: LG
    Class/Profession: PF Summoner, First Worlder and Synthesist archetypes
    Power Rating: Adventurer
    Description: CURRENTLY, she's an average looking elf. She has brownish-golden hair. Notably, her skin glimmers silver
    Equipment: Magic-user. So of course, she has a staff and no armor. She typically wears dresses because that's the only clothes she has
    Abilities: To Come Later
    Backstory: Originally a male human Summoner. Then his elf girlfriend left to go to an all-girls school. He changed his eidolon so he could blend in there. Then he somehow got dismissed along with the eidolon one night. Now he's trapped in the Nexus as a girl
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