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    Default Re: Explorers of Acacia - OOC thread, the Second

    Quote Originally Posted by qwertyu63 View Post
    That is correct.
    Yay! I have correctness!

    Also, I believe Tarmikos is in front, since he's faster, and began moving first.

    .... and since you asked, that probably means I'm about to need healing.

    Edit: A Natural 20! Nice. How do you roll like that so it shows your roll, then the total?

    And how do you have a -7 to your perception mods!?! Dang!

    Hopefully ActualPrisoner, Digan, Halaza, and Jesskya will be coming along, although Psymple doesn't seem to have appeared at all in a couple of days; same for Hazuki for the sake of finding out where Zrehka has been...
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