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Then I watched the replay. Seriously? That's what was really going on? I feel cheated.
When you contain them like that with mutas you should expand like a madman. At like 16 minutes you should have taken the top left and bottom right bases. Grab all the gases.

Also you did a remarkable job of spotting all those pylons he hid constantly around, even if you did miss one. You also should have known then that he sucked, who warps in 7 or 8 zealots to kill off the third? Thats 700-800 minerals to kill like 350 (300 for base + 50 for the drone)

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http://www.sctemple.com/replay/254023/ Seriously, I was like "god, he's proxyraxing, I'm gonna get swamped in dudes faster than I can do anything, just gotta survive and I'm fine.

Wait. Where's the rax?


Reminds me of a couple of when cheese fails.