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If you haven't yet, I'd suggest following the link on the last page for the dA anatomy tutorial. There's a set of links at the bottom of that page labelled "Manga to Realistic" which is mostly concerned with drawing realistic faces, assuming a cartoon-style starting point for most incoming artists. Although I don't really draw much in a manga style, the tips are pretty generically useful, and one of the later tutorials goes specifically into how the face moves in different facial expressions. There was also a neat section on thinking about how to draw different ethnicities, to break out of the Caucasian/Asian box lots of people can get stuck in.

I would link the page directly, but I'm at work and can't go link-hopping just yet >.>

Oh, also the grammar is a bit dodgy, but I think that's because the artist is ESL; the pictures tell most of the story anyway. Thought I should warn you, since I didn't know if that would trigger any of your writer buttons.
Cool-cool, will give it a look.

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Hmm, tutorials. I think I've got some expression related tutorials somewhere, but I can't seem to find them at the moment. I'll keep looking and post them when I find them.

Some general advice that I have: I recently started doing some Babylon 5 fanart for practice, working from screenshots. I've found that this is a great way to practice expressions, as it forces me to really look at what makes an expression, and I end up drawing much more complicated and realistic expressions than just plain happiness or anger or sadness etc., and I've learned a lot about how to combine different emotions without them clashing with each other.
I'd advise picking a live action TV show that you watch, finding some screen shots of some of the characters' faces (preferably more expressive ones), and draw those. You can just sketch them, or you can go into full detail. Sketching has the advantage of being a lot quicker, but you'll learn more from doing detailed drawings.
Screenshots! A great idea! I had a bit of a tough time today trying to sketch from life because people move around a lot. I had a lot of success in the food court, though.

Here. I haven't read it because I don't do manga (though maybe I should read it, given what The Druid Droid said about it), but I assume this is the tutorial you're talking about?
Cool, thanks!

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*swoops in through a window*

Is this the right one? I swear, if I got another warehouse full of thugs-oh, wait, there's art over there. Confirmed art, we've got the right thread.

To those of you who don't frequent the ponythread, I recently won a Theme Week from Thanqol. Basically, I pick a theme, he has to use that theme in his art for a week. So after mulling over ideas, I decided that, while interesting philosophical musings would no doubt turn out some interesting pictures, it just lacked that element of me-ness. Like, I wanted a bit more of myself in whatever theme I picked,

So! I decided on a different theme: Your theme is to draw my character from the year-long campaign I just finished.
Since I have just started expressions, I'll get to this at the start of next week most likely

Day 377: NotBoat

God, I love Mage. It's the best thing ever.

Also Jayden has a new least favourite Arcanum. It is Fate. It makes no sense and is dumb. She also almost accidentally Awakened the entire city this session. And by Awakened the entire city of LA, she means threw the entire city into the Abyss in the idea that some of the people would have hit the other side.

The legit only reason she stopped was because she got a nosebleed. True story.

Also that's not a boat. It's only almost a boat.


Time: 1 hour?
Music: Selling the News