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    Lightbulb Magic Sword: Fourth Edition Reborn

    Currently, the fifth Edition of D&D is in development. It looks good, and I'm looking forward to it. However, the fourth Edition will be sorely missed, and I'm not ready to stop playing it any time soon.

    Enter Magic Sword: Fourth Edition Reborn - my attempt to continue supporting the game long after it is abandoned by its creators. Magic Sword will be a sort of "sequel" to Fourth Edition, meaning that it will take the Fourth Edition rules, improve on them, describe them in a whole new way, rebuild the content from the ground up, create a whole new implied setting, and present them as a new game that gives proper credit to its roots.

    Why am I doing this? Because ...
    • Fourth Edition was a solid game filled with great ideas and concepts, but it was also deeply flawed. Magic Sword will iron out many of the kinks, making the game better all round.
    • Fourth Edition will soon no longer be supported. Magic Sword will allow people to easily play the game - and new people to get into the game - long after it goes out of print.
    • Fourth Edition was expensive, and only available in hardcover format. Magic Sword will be free and digitally distributed, which will make it more accessible.
    • Fourth Edition was hard on third party publishers, making them pay royalties to produce Fourth Edition content. Magic Sword will be completely open, so third parties can make content for it as they wish.
    • Fourth Edition was incomplete: there were many gaps which needed to be filled in. Magic Sword will fill these gaps.

    See what I have so fare Here.
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