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These all look pretty awesome! Especially Bonerip and Crypt Blast. All of the fun.

Eldritch Ghoul worries me slightly; as it lets you hit someone with eldritch blast damage several times in a turn. That said, it's no different to any glaive thingy, so...
Vampiric Blast not playing nice with AoE makes me sad.

...also, shouldn't the opening say and/or rather than and or?
Well, Ghoul has a few differences (not being a touch attack, for one, and being lesser, for another), so it is hopefully a little potent than the almighty glaive, but still worth it.

Also, I realized that areas kinda broke vampiric blast, so. It's not meant to heal you back to full, just give a bit of HP here and there.

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In an attempt to avoid thread necromancy, I will thank you for the elemental based ones here. I have been trying work on an elemental based invoker (that came with an elemental pet), so that will help me.

As for these, they seem interesting, and as I am planning to run a warlock soon I shall see if my DM would allow any of these or the other ones. I only took a quick glance at them, so I will have to read through them more in order to give input on them.
Glad you like them!