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    I'd also be willing to lend a hand. While I am no artist, I know people who know artists, though they won't work for free. As where I can lend a hand, I can help with the fluff and mechanical sides and even the business side, if you plan on actually deciding to go down that route. Personally, if you do, kickstarter is always a fine place to start as far as getting funds are concerned. Also, while I am not the best homebrewer, I know 4e well enough to know what works and what dose not, and I also would LOVE to make a GOOD Necromancer for this game. Anyway, I'd love to lend my hand in this as I too was sad to see 4e go.

    As far as fluff goes, there is a lot that can be done. However, while the base setting should be traditional fantasy, I would LOVE to one-day create a magi-tech based setting. The one thing I loved about 4es rules where that they where easily refluffed into whatever you want. Because of that I can see this branching out into other genras(such as sci-fi) in later expansions.

    Looked over the google doc and I like your direction so far. One thing I will suggest right out of the gate is re-naming the "leader' roll to the "supporter' roll or something else that gets the same message across. I NEVER liked how 4e used the term "leader' since it implies that mechanics determine who should be the party leader, which is something that, to me, should be totally RP dependent. While wizards did make a big effort to say leader role =/= party leader, just the use of the term can get confusing and lead some people to believe that whoever is in the leader roll should always be the party leader in RP.
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