Ilpholin's Office - Cyrus

Cyrus manages to maintain his smile through Ilpholin's withering put-downs! Flicking his wrist, he conjures a pen, which proceeds to begin filling out the form. As the pen works its way down the page, he speaks.

"I had no idea you thought of me so poorly, Miss. I was under the impression that Gordon and Prometheus were the only ones blind enough to truly believe that I was their peon, to be pointed in a direction and given a task.

Still, I suppose you had bigger concerns on your mind at the time than my relationship with my so-called 'superiors,' and I also suppose that you did not spend much time watching me as I interacted with them. If you have been interviewing people, however, I assume you have a normal questioning routine? Once that is finished, I will gladly explain anything that needs clarity. I assure you, there is no reason for us to be hostile with one another."

Cyrus stops speaking and smiles once more as the sound of penscratching finally ceases.

"Ah, and that would be the form you asked me to fill out. Please, go ahead and read it."

The pen dematerializes as the paper floats in Ilpholin's direction.

Name: Cyrus Ahu, Parun of Rakdos, Seventh Flame of Arcanum
Age: 315 (Ageless)
Sex: Male.
Species: Human (Ageless)
Profession: Sorcerer
Reason for joining AMEN: The truth? Purpose. Eternity is a long time to spend bored.
Special skills/items you believe will aid/have decided to contribute to AMEN: I am a Sorcerer of some renown and power, have legions of the Undead and Demons at my beck and call, and can channel both Black and Red mana freely. I am also an Artificer of undeniable skill, capable of forging magical items of varied, powerful, and creative effects.
References (Victims preferred): Here in the Nexus? Hmm... The entire population of Distraction Street (Victims. There were deaths in the hundreds, and more displaced from their homes and injured), Jacob of Watchtower (Old Rival, Surpassed long ago), Karyana and Rael Kyros (Former Business Associates), Dam'Bul (Victim, Murdered temporarily after he got on my bad side), many, many more that my player can't remember off the top of his head.
Past Experience: One hundred years as an Archmage of Arcanum, Fifty years of unofficially organizing, manipulating, and managing the Cult of Rakdos, an organization that controls just over 1/10th of an entire plane of existence, Eighty years of roaming the Multiverse searching for greater Arcane knowledge and power, as well as seeking mighty creatures and men to test my mettle against.