Goblins, unified by the cunning Grashak into a single horde, pressed the human and elven nations for a land of their own. Months of battle have taken their toll on the surrounding countryside. The Demon Lord Derwydden attempted to seize this opportunity, bargaining with the goblins to open a portal and catch the good armies unawares between them, but an avatar of a greater power took offense at this interference in the war and smashed the plan.

With the goblins in disarray after this failed gambit, there is now a lull in the war. Many warriors gathered by the fighting have decided to take up new causes. One such group has determined that the legendary home of learning for swordsages, warblades, and crusaders, should be re-founded. Their first task is to find the remnants of the old temple where Reshar, the legendary Master of Nine, once lived and taught.

The world of Mori is hazardous. Grashak still dreams of empire. Demons still occasionally appear, survivors of the portal. Bandits, undead, and elementals are said to roam the countryside. Against these, our heroes have their wits, their blades, and a newfound purpose - rebuild the Temple of Nine Swords.

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