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Yes, Babylon 5! Prepare for laughtears (the official word for how one reacts to B5, according to Tumblr). Also, nice sketches.

On the topic of learning expressions from screenshots, here is an archive of B5 screenshots, if you're interested, sorted by episode so that you can avoid spoilers. I've found drawing Londo in particular to be really good for practicing complex expressions, particularly in some of the later seasons, since he tends to have at least three different expressions at once.
Ha! Thanks, I'll make good use of this.

So far the series isn't half bad, even if the special effects look like they screencapped a game of Galactic Civilisations.

Also, the way I've found to capture the expressions the best is to paint them, not draw them, using the technique that you call pure paints. I find it a lot more fun than trying to get the face right with just lines, and it makes you think more about the structure and shape of the face, rather than just what lines are in it. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:


Ignore his outfit, I never really bothered to finish it.

I generally take 2-3 hours on these, over the course of a couple of days, so you probably won't be able to go into a ton of detail, but I do think that it could be good for you to try out.
I'll try one right now!

Day 379: Art Not Guaranteed

Quite like how this turned out.

Okay, a total dodge of the expressions thing but it had to be done. I've always loved facelessness. When I was a kid, Soundwave and Optimus Prime were best transformers because they didn't have mouths, they just had visor things. Interesting to reflect back on how that has rung true for me throughout my life. That, plus the fact that this guy has the coolest voice, makes him best character.

Anyways, back to the schedule tomorrow. Tonight, more B5!


Time: 1.5 hours
Music: A Change of Seasons