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    Default [Hourglass of Zihaja D&D 4e] Heroes on a Sea of Swords OOC II

    Alright, since the last OOC thread was getting ponderous, I have taken the liberty of crafting us a new one! This opening post will remain for tracking some of the random things you come across, as well as quest updates and character sheet quicklinks. If ever you feel something should be added to the OP, ask and ye shall receive.

    Treasure Thus Far:
    +4 Spiritswing Shamshir - level 19
    Possible Weapons: Heavy Blades
    Enhancement: +4 attack rolls and damage rolls
    Critical: +4d8 psychic damage
    Property: When you hit a creature with this weapon, it loses the insubstantial quality (if it has it) and cannot phase, both until the end of your next turn.
    Power (At-Will Psychic): Free Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is psychic damage. Another free action returns the damage to normal.

    The first blade enchanted by the ghost in her final form. It contains what's left of her demented psyche. Transfered to a fresh longsword and currently OT: Medinah.

    +4 Wyvernsong Shamshir - level 17
    Possible Weapons: Heavy Blade, Light Blade, Spear
    Enhancement: +4 attack rolls and damage rolls
    Critical: Ongoing 10 poison and acid damage (save ends)
    Property: When you hit a target with this weapon that is taking ongoing damage, it takes a -4 penalty to saving throws against ongoing damage (save ends).
    Power (At-Will Acid, Poison): Free Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is acid damage and poison damage. Another free action returns the damage to normal.

    The second blade enchanted by the ghost when she assumed her final form. Currently OT: Rahman, transferred to Voice. The transfer destroyed the basic enchantment on Voice, netting Rahman some 9000 residuum.

    +2 Clearsighted Wand of Howling Wall
    Level 9 Item; 4200 GP
    Property: When you use the wizard spell howling wall, you remove any obscuring terrain within the wall such as smoke, fog or steam, until the end of your next turn.
    Power, Encounter, Standard Action: As the Wizard power, howling wall
    Power, Daily, Standard Action, Close Burst 10: Remove all obscuring terrain, such as smoke, fog or steam. So long as you wield the wand, such terrain features cannot enter the burst until the end of the encounter, or until you end this effect as a minor action or stow the wand.

    This is the wand Alaq used at the beginning of the encounter to clear the fog. You confiscated it from him, and Rahman zapped it to produce a nifty 2100 residuum.

    +2 Sheloq's Morningstar
    Level 6 Item; 1800 GP
    Property: If you would use a power that increases your size category, but nearby creatures would prevent you from doing so, you may push those creatures up to 1 square to accommodate your new size.

    This is the morningstar used by the oni. Amirah handily recovered it from underwater, and Rahman zapped it to make a pretty 360 residuum.

    +4 Pendant of the Vengeful Soul
    Level 18 Item; 85000 GP
    Property: When you make two attack rolls because of oath of enmity, and both would result in a hit, you gain an item bonus to the damage roll of that attack equal to the pendant's enhancement bonus.
    Property: When you use your oath of enmity power, the target is also marked by you until the end of your next turn.

    Power, One-Use, Minor Action: You declare your object of hatred as one sentient creature whose name you know. The creature remains your object of hatred until you slay it, or until you die. While a creature remains your object of hatred, this pendant cannot be removed from you. You gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls against your object of hatred, and while within 20 squares of you, that creature is marked by you. If the creature makes an attack that does not include you as a target, you may shift up to your speed to a square adjacent to your object of hatred and make a melee basic attack against it as an immediate reaction. If your object of hatred is within 20 squares of you, you cannot use oath of enmity except on your object of hatred. If your object of hatred would be slain while within 20 squares of you, the blow cannot be nonlethal, regardless of the aggressor.

    Once this item's power has been used and the object of hatred slain, you no longer gain the benefits of the item's properties against any creature (effectively making this a simple +4 Amulet of Protection in your hands).

    The amulet used by Qurab and given to Kihtsah with his dying breath. Currently OT: Kihtsah.

    Equilibrium Boots of the Snake
    Level 7 - 2600 GP
    Property: You move normally on slippery surfaces, such as grease or ice.
    Power, Free Action, Encounter. Trigger: You are subject to forced movement and/or would be knocked prone. Effect: You are not knocked prone, cannot be knocked off a ledge by the movement and may shift 1 square after the force movement is resolved.

    Fashionable stiletto heels once owned by Vertasi, now yours! Currently OT: Medinah

    +4 Cloak of Translocation - level 19
    Neck Slot Item
    Enhancement: +4 to fortitude, reflex and will
    Property: When you use a teleportation power, you gain a +2 bonus to AC and Reflex until the end of your next turn.
    Power (Daily): Minor Action. You regain the use of an encounter teleportation power that you have already used during this encounter.

    The cloak used by the duelist that served aboard the Drums of War. Currently OT: Alvah

    Samples for upgrading Medinah's crossbow quarrels for piercing stone
    Two disabled warforged
    2000 gp worth of Alchemical Subsidy

    Quests and Experience:
    Experience Total: 11088 XP Each
    Next Level-Up: 12000 XP

    Heart of the Conquerors
    Major Quest
    Objective: Slay or capture High Priest of Martuakh Hasnarash and The Salamander, both of the she-da-zhong invading army.
    Update: The Admaja Spymaster of the she-da-zhong has been added to the list of targets. The Midnight Mirage has set sail for a rendezvous with other pirate hunting vessels, and an attack upon these targets is being prepared.
    Rewards: Quest XP, Bounty
    Guild Contract: The Snake
    Minor Quest - COMPLETE
    Objective: Capture Vertasi the Snake, notorious pirate.
    Update: Vertasi has claimed the Midnight Mirage. Oust him and reclaim the ship. Additionally, he has a lizardfolk in his crew who has a beef with Kihtsah. Perhaps he will explain later.
    Update: Vertasi is in fact a woman, not a man, using a bound oni as her fall guy. She claims to be the Pirate Queen of Liars, but has been subdued by the Hunters. She claims to work for a "Lord Raven", but has not elaborated.
    Update: Vertasi was turned in to the authorities in Luardo, and the bounty was earned. QUEST COMPLETED
    Rewards: Quest XP, Bounty
    Guild Contract: In Viking
    Minor Quest - UNAVAILABLE
    Objective: Capture Hagar Hrolfsson, dangerous dvernin viking
    Update: A rival crew aboard the Gift of the Matriarch took care of this rascal and his dvernin mates, meaning this quest is no longer available. QUEST INCOMPLETED.
    Rewards: Quest XP, Bounty
    Unearth Arcana
    Major Quest
    Objective: Decipher the Admajai war ritual the Sultan of the City of God gave to the crew.
    Update: The War Ritual requires a cipher to cast. Where might the crew be able to find such a thing? Perhaps Medinah can remember something from her past... or maybe Rahman's research will turn up a lead?
    Update: Rahman found out where a number of pieces for the cipher might be found; an old cave in Ilud where a group of Admajai cadre mages were ambushed and slain by medusas during one of the crown wars. The heroes went to Ilud, searching for the cave.
    Update: Three quarters of a complete cipher were obtained from the corpses of petrified mages in an Iludai cave network. The sultan has his finest scholars working on the fourth component, and Rahman and Alvah are pursuing the answer as well.
    Rewards: Quest XP, new ritual
    Fear of Fear Itself
    Minor Quest
    Objective: Capture and return to custody the so-called Pirate Lord of Fear, Ahmed al-Faruq. Perhaps he can shed some more light on these "Pirate Lords" and their elusive "king"?
    Rewards: Quest XP, Bounty
    War is Eternal
    Minor Quest
    Objective: After defeating (well, sort of?) the Pirate Lord of War, Emperor's Guard Model 001, the Hunters have learned the identity of another Pirate Lord. The mecha is worth a bounty, but how can they disable something that is fueled by conflict?
    Rewards: Quest XP, Bounty
    Imperial Ambitions
    Major Quest
    Objective: There's a pirate out there claiming to be the descendant of Admajai Emperors of the past. He has rallied the Corsairs to a common cause and taken control of the city of Luardo, which he has named New Asanam. Depose Lord Raven, and his queen Vertasi the Snake.
    Rewards: Quest XP, Multiple Bounties

    {table] Character | Player
    Kihtsah Darimil | Reverent-One
    Amirah | Grey Wolf
    Medinah | Scylfing
    Jalil Farun | Chambers
    Korack | Daravon_35[/table]

    Retired Characters:
    {table]Character | Player
    Hakhpur gar Mubrak | Belthasar
    Teshiq | A'den
    Alvah Nasab | Dekkah
    Rahman Shamis | ninja_penguin [/table]
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