Conner strode through the streets of Ferdham quietly, nervously, and much too quickly to denote any level calmness. Human cities were so hectic, so disorganized, so...human. But you are a human says a little voice. Was that Conner's mind, or his heart? His mind, certainly. Diamond Mind was taught to him by the humans. The hobgoblins had given him Ironheart.

Conner turned a corner toward where he hoped the Feather Coque would be. He'd heard that there were people looking for swords there. No, not looking for swords. Looking for the swords. Were those the swords he'd been told to find? Couldn't hurt to find out.

At last, the Feather Coque was in sight. Conner made a beeline for it and walked right in. Taking a seat, he decided to sit back and let fate do some work for a change. Either the people he was looking for were here, or they weren't.