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    Default Re: [Hourglass of Zihaja D&D 4e] Heroes on a Sea of Swords OOC II

    Hello everyone, Alvah "Thunder" Nasab reporting for duty!.

    Since red is taken, I'd like to take Medium turquoise. (if that is alright. I think it is far enough form the other blue... and not to hard on the eyes.

    Shadow_elf, I'll link you my mythweaver sheet later today (I dont have access to it right now - stupid firewall).

    I just noticed that I did not buy the ritual component I'll need.
    I still got 740 GP.... I'll buy some tonight (need to check what my rituals require) and update the character before the game start.

    Alvah's Status
    HP :...84/102...TEMP HP :...0
    Surge Value :...25
    Surge left/surge per day :...10/12
    Resist : ....6 Ongoing ....
    AC:...29...FORT:...28... REF:...25...WILL:...30...
    Encounter count for the day: ....0
    Languages : ....Common, Aquan, Ignan , Terran
    Initiative : ... +8
    Passive Perception : ... 23
    Passive Insight : ...21
    Main Hand : Bard's Songblade Longsword +4
    Off Hand : Light Shield
    Powers :
    Melee Basic Attack (For OAs) (+14, 1D8+3)
    Staggering Note
    War Song Strike

    Action point (0/1)
    Second Wind
    Majestic Word (1/2)
    Healing Rain
    Word of Friendship
    Vezzuvu's Eruption
    Shout of Thriumph
    Drums of the wild hunt
    Rolling Echo
    Earthquake Stike
    Moment of Escape
    Chrod of Resilience
    Illusory Ereasure

    Tune of Ice and Wind
    Thunder Blade
    Menacing Thunder
    Doom Echo

    Items powers:
    Eladrin Ring of passage
    Helm of Teleportation
    Imposter's Stonemail Armor +3

    Consumables :

    Effects from Alvah :
    S1, S2 and W2 grant CA to Alvah UENT (Alvah)

    Effects on Alvah :

    Items Carried/Owned :

    Imposter's Stonemail Armor +3 (E)
    Bard's Songblade Longsword +4 (E)
    Amulet of Protection +3 (E)
    Eladrin's Ring of Passage (E)
    Helm of Teleportation (E)
    Ritual Book
    Flint and steel
    Sunrod (2)
    Rations (10 days)
    50' hempen rope

    Wealth :
    2 pp
    40 gp

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