Well the H is an coincidence, a funny one though :).

I'll remove group wealth from my status to.

I simply cannot check if this is the right character sheet, but if it comes from a dekkah and look like my status above, it is mine :).

A simple note about the Mythweavwer sheet too.... I'll keep it updated as much as possible (usually do so when I level or receive something significant - magic item), but I wont use it to keep track of my status (HP and stuf) since I cant access it everywhere I post (firewall at work).
That is actually what my status spoiler above is for.

I usually repost it with each thread it change, but I think i'll simply try to keep it up to date here instead (less typing and copy/paste).

An other thing you might need to know is that English isnt my native language. I usually can post to be understood in English, but I still can make a lot of errors. If I post something you guys dont understand, just tell me :).