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    Aer the Raven

    The bird alerted the man, with a movement of its feathered head it looked to the door when people entered. At first it just observed the man as he went into the common room. It was a grey grey man, alien to colour. The eyes of the familiar closed for a second observing the shiny silver in the stranger and moved on the shoulders of Aer. The bird was curious looking at him with undiluted interest, silver was shiny, and its bird eyes remained on the man till he entered a private room. The bird moved again pushing its beak against the skin of its owner.

    Aer shocked his head before going back to his breakfast. Trying to gulp down the hard bread crisps with the help of some watered milk. He could, and in fact had, survive in rations alone for weeks or months in the wild, but having some other food to taste was always nice, after all rations end tasting like wagon's dust after a few weeks. After finishing his milk he crushed one last bread crumb and offered it to the raven, who started biting it greedily. While the bird fed the bard examined the room, it was still clean, only a couple of beer stains on the floor memento of the last night. It had been a passable night, he had listened to some uneventful conversations, danced to his heart content and even had a couple of fencing duels with some soldiers.

    The Feathered Coque was just another Inn, Ferdham was just another city. It was just close to a fight, to a good fight, a fight that would let him hone his skills with the blade a little further, a little closer to perfection. In the meantime being close to the soldiers provided a good source of information and some occasional training to keep the basics going. And the best thing of it, it was cheap, the city was on its edge, and its soldier appreciated any kind of entertainment that they could get, a bard dancer and sword fencer was something new and enjoyable. I was not the only one there though, another man, a red haired northerner by the name of Skald played the balalaika and sang strong drinking songs between shoots.

    When the second man entered the inn the bird croaked and looked at him. His eyes were looking for shiny stuff with curious innocence and his armor was really shiny. Once the new man sit down the raven opened its wings and jumped down from the shoulder that he was perked. He took a tiny leather bag with its beak and flew towards the stranger. It landed on its table and moved its head to look at him closely. Another light croak was all the bird did before it started... dancing, the raven moved over its small bird claws jumping from one to the other and spinning around.

    After a few tumbles and cabrioles it lowered its head in a mute salute before graving the empty leather bag and showing it to the man.

    Moritheil and Beowulf DW

    The raven familiar is dancing in front of Conner (1d20+10)[23]
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