Annabel Zarathi

The conflict subsided. Annabel walks around the city looking for the place where she was supposed to meet others.

Many strong warriors died in this war. Many were given a good, befitting death and many died because of treachery. Here, hiding behind pathetic defenses live pathetic remnants of a great army. Women, children, elderly and cowards. So few remained of those worth any respect... a shame.

She finally finds the tavern. She stops for a moment...

At least the ones I will meet here should be worthy. I hope they won't disappoint me.

...and enters.
She looks around and notices a young man with gray hair.

Private room, was it?

She walks to the meeting place, noticing grey-haired young man and other, red haired with a raven on his shoulder. Her face show neither emotion nor recognition, but she gives both of them a slightest nod, like just to acknowledge their presence.

Others are here already

She orders water, eyeing the barman with her icy-blue eyes and takes a sit waiting for others to assemble.