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    Aer the Raven

    When the raven hears the words from Conner it tilts its head from one side to the other with a dubious expression.

    -Corn, coin, corn, coin.- It caws the words, in its beak they almost sound the same, jumps from one leg to the other excited before graving once again the leather bag and moving it around.

    Far away in the other table the raven master smiles slightly, the bird doesn't distinguish between food and shiny it loves both things equally. While he smiles he allows himself a glimpse to the female that entered the tavern a moment ago. It moved as a veteran fighter but graceful as a wild cat, it probably is an elf... She seemed to look for other people, so Aer let her be for now. He just moves his hand slightly towards his sword that rests against the table hold in its scabbard.

    After a moment of considering it he takes the weapon and walks toward the little bird that dances in front of the armored stranger. He extends his hand and pets the animal, that is still repeating its dance. When the master touches its head the bird freezes and looks at Aer and flies, perking on its shoulder.

    -Rev here will gladly take any corn you can spare, or if you can spare some coin he will trade it for corn. Won't you Rev?

    With the last sentence Aer looks at the familiar in the eye, slightly scorning him till the bird nods.
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