The woman that enters the Feathered Coque is disheveled, a little weary, and dressed in simple clothes, but there is the air of a more violent past about her. The maul, massive, slung over her back. The scars on her forearms, visible around light sleeves. The symbol of Wee Jas, no stranger to conflict, prominent on her breast.

She nods to the barman, familiar, before retreating briefly from the common room. When she appears a few minutes later, she is cleaner, in a new shirt, and watches her surroundings with a keener eye. She purchases a drink before drifting to the side of the small group.

Clean and close, she is now far more visible. Radiant red hair frames a serious, angular face that holds faint resemblance to popular depictions of her goddess. She watches the world through piercing blue eyes, and seems cool, although not unfriendly.

"Tell me, what is the purpose of this little gathering?" she inquires in a rough alto voice.