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    " Adventure, of course," says the man entering the private room from the backdoor, clearly returning from some sort of excursion to the privy. He is dressed in silks of an outlandish style, puffs of fabric bunched up at his shoulders and wrists. A weary looking peasant hurries in to the room after him, looking dazed and grubby. The first man continues, gesturing expansively with one hand as he says," If you are after -specifics- then I suppose you could say that we are, metaphorically, going to locate, explore, and God willing restore the Rightwise Temple of Nine Blades, what what."

    " I think, that is," he says after a moments hesitation," unless I have the wrong shadowy back room. You sir, you are Cerran the Grey, are you not? And you, miss, are Oro de Wee? The famed knightress? I'm betting I'm in the correct room. Unless this is the damned oddest game of clabberwhats I've ever seen sat, eh what Squire Beans?".

    After a moment of the eccentric purple haired fop clearing his throat, the exhausted looking peasant widens his eyes and says in a rough voice," Ah, er, ladies 'n germs, presenting der Imperious Grace, der notion'l king 'o Fehghawawa, Duke Clarence Wilberforce Wallenstein, Third Vissycount 'o Penistone, an' Defender 'or der Reasonably Well Off."

    After the peasant finishes this, the fop smiles widely at the assembled. " Please, call me Imperious. Seems to flow better than the full thing when you folk say it. Now, then. I think we're almost all here?"
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