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Really nice job on this. Well done.

Does Wearying Blast follow the same rules for damaging a sleeping person to wake them up, as per the Sleep spell? (Slapping or wounding awakens an affected creature, etc)
Probably should. Added a line about waking up due to damage.

There's a missing [you] in the first sentence of Death Mask.

Poltergeist is really fun, but I don't think I'd spend one of the few Invocations I get on what are essentially cantrips. Something a little more powerful would be interesting, along the lines of Greater Mage Hand & Minor Image.
I did consider a image/illusion type power, but wasn't sure how to handle it without overpowering the invocation (silent image on its own seems like it would be a pretty awesome invocation, in my opinion). What are you looking for from Greater Mage Hand that Poltergeist doesn't cover? Picking up attended objects? Slightly greater weight limit? Boosting both probably wouldn't be too bad.

Poltergeist is probably a little underwhelming at the moment because I was considering adding other powers to it, but didn't end up making more.