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    I'm a freelance writer! Here are the products I've worked on.

    Cobalt Sages Creations
    Theia Campaign Setting [Playtesting] (Contributing Author)

    Drop Dead Studios
    Telekinetic's Handbook (Author)
    Illuminator's Handbook (Author)
    Warper's Handbook [In Development] (Author)
    Spheres Apocrypha: Destruction Talents (Author)
    Spheres Apocrypha: Dark Talents (Author)
    Andrus: The City of Men (Contributing Author)
    Diviner's Handbook (Content Editor)
    Enhancer's Handbook (Content Editor)
    Mentalist's Handbook (Content Editor)
    Vivomancer's Handbook (Content Editor)

    Encounter Table Publishing
    Aethera Field Guide [In Development] (Contributing Author)

    Raging Swan Press
    Village Backdrop: Byrnfort (Author)
    Places of Power: Godswatch (Author)
    Village Backdrop: Echo Harbour (Author)
    Places of Power: Fort Vigil (Author)
    Languard Locations: Low City (Contributing Author)
    Languard Locations: High City (Contributing Author)
    Languard Locations: The Shambles (Contributing Author)
    20 Things #3: Wizard's Tower (Contributing Author)
    GM's Miscellany: 20 Things Volume II (Contributing Author)

    Rite Publishing
    10 Gehenna Demiplanes [In Development] (Coauthor)

    Legendary Games
    Legendary Races: Wyrmtouched (Contributing Author)

    I've also made some homebrew.

    Campaign Settings

    Base Classes
    Forgeheart Disciple (Invoker)

    Invocation Sets
    Magical Girl
    Seven Deadly Sins


    Prestige Classes
    Disciplined Mind

    Warlock Alternate Class Features
    Legendary Sites: Brawler's Ring and Master's Dojo

    On Use
    I encourage use of my homebrew in games! Please do so freely.

    Permission should be asked if you wish to use my homebrew in any compilations, homebrew works, or similar. Generally I will ask that any work that uses mine to refer to it only in stub form (that is, short descriptions that do describe but do not contain the entirety of their mechanics, like most spell/invocation lists), and then link to my work rather than reproducing them in their entirety.
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