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Thread: Pacts with the Dead [3.5, Invocations]

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    I will definitely be considering tweaks to Poltergeist over the weekend. Thanks for the ideas!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kane0 View Post
    I really like these, there is a really nice flavor to them (Lol listen to me I sound like a chef now).

    Anyway, good job! I don't usually play necromancer types much but I would be very tempted to if there was a warlock version that dealt that negative energy damage along with all the other Necomantic goodness.

    As a side note, do you mind if pinch and Tweak your Black Omen Aegis for my own Invoking class?
    Inspiring someone to play against their normal theme is generally a sign of a job well done, so I will take that as a complement.

    Also, I don't mind at all, go ahead.
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