Thanks for the praise, it means a lot to me.

And thanks for pointing that out, Rae, I didn't notice. You did a better job on it anyway, mine was a little rushed.

Another mini-slew of avatars:
{table]|The Feral Fox! Who is this mysterious superhero who works outside of the law, using her fearsome foxy form to find fear in foul felons?
|The Fox Signal! Never has there been a sign of justice in the skies above the forum before!
|Masquerade Avatar for Tectonic Robot. Sadly it shows how terrible I am at drawing hands
|Indy's Masquerade Request. The Naked Jester
|Timeless Error at the Masquerade. I had the idea for a tree...
|Interesting request, this is C'Nor's character as seen through the eyes of Lea's character (below). A Brown Recluse-looking theme
|And the other side of the coin, Lea seen through C'Nor's character's eyes. Black Widow-looking theme
|Sir Ebonwolf's request of a wizard in a chair looking out a window at night. I like how it came out[/table]

Now for my Steampunk Iron Avatarist Submission:
Captain Robert of Abney Park! The ship could use more fins but I like how the whole scene came out.

And soon I'll be able to show all 13 Alucard's in Vampire: The Masquerade!