" Knight! Knight! Indeed! How precarious of me!", chimes Imperious in agreement. He grins like a maniac at Ran and Conner as they step in to the back room, and upon Ran's sincere insincerity he insists," Not at all, old sport, not at all. What's a little bit of tardiness among comrades in arms? Though.. should make sure there isn't anyone else waiting out in the wings."

With that, Imperious walks the several steps to the door to the tap-room, sticks his head out, and announces in a sanguine tone," Anyone else out here for the secret meeting about the quest? Anyone? Anyone? No?" And with that he turns on his heel, returns to one of the tables in the room and plunks himself down in the chair, luxuriating in its cushions. He starts patting himself down, clearly looking for something, and then after a moment very obviously forgets that he was doing so.

" Right then! Squire Beans, if you'll please go wait in the tap room, I believe we all have rather a lot of hush hush to discuss, I daresay, there's a good chappy." The peasant (the presumed Squire Beans) seems only too glad to be getting as far away as he can from the self-proclaimed Imperious, and out into the common room he goes. Once he's absent, and once those out in the tap room what have decided to come in do so, he suggests in his oddly accented voice," I know most of you by reputation, as you no doubt have heard of me, but I think it would be most conductive to our process, speed the wheel if you will, if we all went about and introduced ourselves. Maybe gave a little bit of a spiel on what they're able to bring to the Band of the Nine Blades, any thoughts they have about the enterprise on which we're about to undertake, that sort of thing."