Aer the Raven

Rev, the raven familiar took flight with the purse and went to the barman. After a few caws and bites it got himself a full bag of corn, almost heavier that it could lift with its beak. It rested there eating peacefully happy that he could enjoy such a great breakfast.

-If you feed him he is going to keep following you for days, doing his little bird dance. He loves corn and shiny things, so you are his favourite person right now. He might be a bit annoying when he is hungry but the rest of the time he is a great company to have around.

Aer was talking like a proud father of his familiar, it had been a long relationship, since he had made a pact to keep the small raven safe feed and sound in exchange for the bird's aid in his quest to knowledge.

-If there is something going on there let's go and see.

The Raven Master gets off the table and moves towards the meeting his step are really soft, almost like he can't hold the urges to dance. Aer poses himself against one of the walls of the room with his sword close and his ears open. Once Rev finishes gorging himself on its breakfast it flies toward the knighty woman and stands on her shoulder.

-Knight, Knight, Knight.

Aer throws a cold glare to the raven that shuts up and flights back to its master remaining quite while observing closely the people gathered there, wondering who has more shinies.

Aer is keeping an eye on the outside door and making regular listen checks for anything out of place