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Season one is decent, but it's the later seasons where it really becomes amazing (mid season two did it for me. Mainly the episode "The Coming of Shadows"). It also starts to pick up a little over halfway through season one, with the 13th episode, "Signs and Portents." You may have heard this about a hundred times before, because it's what basically every B5 fan tells newcomers to the show.
I have. I think I got told to start in season 2 and watch S1 last, which I disregarded. I feel like the show should be able to stand on it's own merits. So far it mostly has.

And yeah, the special effects are pretty bad, though by the end of the series I didn't mind them at all. It was a combination of them getting better and me getting used to them, I think.
I've been spoiled by Battlestar Galactica.

Nice. The shading worked out really well in this one. Even if it doesn't help with expressions, it does help with colors and lighting and textures and such. And I like how you did the background, particularly the subtle texture on the walls.
I'm finding in general, though notably with this picture, that single coloured paintings look wrong and flat. It's worth splashing down a variety of random colours across a painting and blurring it until it's just a hint purely for the little edge of texture it gives you.

And Kosh is awesome. I really hadn't expected him to get any character development or be anything other than a typical Vorlon, but I was very wrong. I think that Kosh and Londo were my two favorite characters. But I also love G'kar and Vir and Ivanova and Delenn. There are a lot of awesome characters in that show.
Lookin' forwards to it!

Day 380: Sketch.jpg

Observing a bit of an art funk occurring. Heh, interestingly the times when I feel the least encouraged about drawing are the times when I do the least drawing. Still, break has started so hopefully I'll break the mood soon.

It's like my thoughts are all flowing upstream. Need to absorb, reflect, process.


Time: Prolonged sketching
Music: Deep Forest