The rules on free actions have changed slightly. Now the rule is:

Free actions take almost no time or effort. You can take as many free actions as you want during your or another combatantís turn. There is an exception to that rule: A creature can take a free action to use an attack power only once per turn.
That means that all you really need to do is say that all granted attacks are free actions unless specified otherwise in the power. I'd also make an exception when the granted attack is achieved by someone else sacrificing their action (eg, Commander's Strike).

I'm not sure you need to limit no action effects the same way. Could you give me an example where that would be necessary, given the above house rule?

Doing damage to yourself doesn't count for recharging powers or generating attacks (unless that is specifically an effect of the power you are using).

Among other things, this should remove the loophole of dragonborn characters damaging themselves to recharge their dragon breath.

Vulnerabilities only trigger 1/turn

This one is controversial, but I think it's necessary given how many people are using attack powers which allow more than one attack per round (eg, Twin Strike). The basic idea is similar to your rule #4.