Cerran the Grey

Well, so much for secret. Still, Cerran's eyes scanned the room. There was no doubt that the cadre here were seasoned warriors all. Something had brought them here. Somehow, he could see rumours starting from this fellow Imperious' proclamations.

Cerran rises from his seating, neatly replacing a bookmark in his tome and setting it down on the table. "A Treatise on the Rise and Fall of the Kingdoms of the East". He'd known the elven druid, Gallwyn, who had written the first edition of the book. His copy was, of course, a reprint; the original was several hundred years old. It read like it, too. Gallwyn should have stuck to summoning nature's wrath.

Addressing the room, Cerran introduces himself. "Cerran, sometimes 'the Grey', as his Grace here seems to know me - warrior, scholar, arcanist and student of the Lady of Mysteries - a pleasure to meet you all"